Rockdocpress is the place to come for scientific musings and writing by PhD Researcher Hannah Carle. Rockdocpress is a space where nerds rule, rocks are the bomb, and plants are the answer to what ails us. Enjoy kids (I’m looking at you, inner child).

Ordinarily I post during the first week of each month, on themes spanning environmental science, research methods and science communication. My aim is to give you an experience of the beauty in science and nature, wrapped up with some information you may also find useful to know. Now in the final throws of a PhD, my posts will be sporadic for a while. 

You can find more on my research here.

Disclaimer: I am not a real rock doctor… I do not have a PhD in geology. I am a somewhat misunderstood-by-my-family-and-friends plant scientist and science communicator, affectionately nicknamed the ‘rock doctor’ by said family and friends.

Please take everything herein with a grain of salt. What type is your pick.

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