Best of #ESA2020

Today marks the end of this years conference with the Ecological Society of Australia. Having attended talks ranging from Indigenous land management to Functional Ecology, this is my unashamedly biased list of best talks from the conference (feat. guest appearances in pictures by other speakers I enjoyed). Vanessa Cavanagh, UOW @nessscavvv Vanessa is a Bundjalung... Continue Reading →

What not to do as a STEM educator

I speak from my experience as a science communicator and offer tips to tackle common facilitation foibles in university classrooms. My tips are easy to implement, shift agency and effort from the teacher to the students and are well-supported by education research.


Carnivorous plants are the psycho killers of the plant world... kaskasé. They consume at least part of their nutrients by trapping and digesting insects or small animals using elaborate traps, tricks and sticky business. This year I spent precious time traipsing through lush forests that make Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo, so iconic. In Bako National Park–a... Continue Reading →

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