The Mars Generation

The Mars Generation, released on Netflix this month, is a documentary produced by the not-for-profit organisation of the same name (see here), whose goal is to educate and energise young people about the importance of deep space exploration to humankind. I mean… how cool can you get?

100% worth your time, the nerdy, engaged kids featured in The Mars Generation documentary prove that hands-on STEM education is the most engaging way to educate.

This documentary features an emotive mash-up of space exploration history, and interviews with expert space nerds – including the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku – alongside their self-declared teenage counterparts from Space Camp.

Based at the One Tranquility Base in Hunstville, Alabama, Space Camp offers kids aged 9 to 18 and beyond (big kids a.k.a. adults) a fully immersive experience of ‘space training’. This includes access to robotics and engineering courses, as well as astronaut ‘career’ training that culminates in an extended-duration simulated mission to Mars.

Watch The Mars Generation on Netflix here, and follow @SpaceCampUSA and @TheMarsGen on Twitter.

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